Suzanne Carol Kuuskmae


I retired from my teaching career at Five Towns College, Long Island, NY, in 1997, where my position was a professor of business management. Previous to that five-year assignment, I taught business education for 18 years in High School. Shortly after resettling in the Los Angeles area, I began taking drawing and watercolor classes first at Palos Verdes Art Center and then at the Huntington Library and Los Angeles Arboretum. My first love has been drawing and painting botanical subjects that abound here in Southern California. The instructors who have influenced me and who are famous in the botanical painting world, have been Olga Eysymontt of LA Arboretum, Ann Marie Evans of London, England, Margaret Best, Canada, and Jenny Phillips of Sydney, Australia.

About six years ago, I began taking classes in the use of colored pencil. One workshop that made a big influence on me was a two-week class in Kauai, Hawaii, under the direction of Wendy Hollender, an instructor with the New York Botanic Garden. More recently, Wendy was here in Los Angeles for a three-day workshop that I organized, which was held at the Creative Arts Center, Manhattan Beach.

In 2009, I began my study of pastel landscapes and was a founding member of the Pastel Society of Southern California for which I am recording secretary. I have taken classes in still life and landscape painting with Mary Aslin of Laguna Beach, Bernard Fallon, and Joe Mancuso, a local pastel artist/teacher. This study has led to participation in several PSSC Exhibitions held in April 2010 & 2011, at the Creative Arts Center in Manhattan Beach, CA.

I am a current Member of Botanical Artist Guild of Southern California, Colored Pencil Society, Pastel Society of Southern California and President of Paletteers, one of the seven art groups that form the Palos Verdes Art Center. My work can be seen at the Artist Studio at PV Art Center, which is an art coop, and in conjunction with this association, I am a demonstrator at Malaga Cove Art Shows held during the warmer months.